Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to get great hair color

The Answer: Go right now to My Bella Color Studio in Burbank! At My Bella Color Studio you'll never leave with dull hair.

Most people who know me would say that it is normal routine for me to color my hair. Over the last six years, Sharon Sovinski- owner of My Bella Color Studio, created so many different hair colors and hair cuts that I've lost track! I've been every shade of brown, blonde, red and all at once. People say I have some special or lucky skin tone that can adapt to new hair color, but I really think Sharon Sovinski is responsible.

Sharon can weave like no one else. She can take 3 colors to put into your hair, and when she is done and you have 150 foils on your head, you won't believe the transformation.

I decided enough was enough! I was going to quit my look of boring brown locks and go for something fun! Actually, the only direction I gave Sharon is this: dimensional, bold, and new for 2009. I also went to My Bella Color Studio for a new cut. Because I am trying, once again, to grow my hair long, I wanted a minimal cut. I asked Sharon for a "slight A-line" along the bottom.

Check out these pictures of the step-by-step process. I post these with no shame, foils and all.

You can see that Sharon delivers whatever is asked of her. My hair is dimensional, modern, and bold.

The last picture is me with Sharon Sovinski "Master Hair Colorist" and owner of My Bella Color Studio in Burbank.

Contact the Studio if you can. Sharon is a busy lady, and you may have to wait to see her. Luckliy, she's trained several professional hair colorists to follow her unique design.
LA ladies-- welcome to great hair color!



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