Saturday, January 24, 2009

Game Night in North Hollywood

T'was a nite in January when some NoHo dwellers ate some cheese and salomi, drank wine, and played Cranium. The hosts? he two silly girls in the photo above: my roommate, Jinnie Rosales and Yours Truly.
Before the others arrived, Jinnie and Michelle enjoy some snacks and Trader Joe's red wine. And I, still excited about my new Canon PowerShot SD 790, take the opportunity to test the camera's effects. The yellow-green tint is made by using the "color accent" mode. In the next photo, Jinnie is trying to guess the answer to what her boyfriend, Mark, is reading. It was a Factoid card. Michelle and Jade, on the opposing team, are checking the question.
Finally, at 1am, the game wasn't over and we called it a night.


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