Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mariah does My Fair Wedding show with David Tutera

I was so excited when asked to work with David Tutera and WeTV last year! It was unlike any wedding I had done before. I didn't know the bride, never spoke to her, I didn't even know the location of the wedding until that week! It was all thrown together in a bustling cloud of creativity and ingenuity. I had a great team of artists assisting me that day: Samantha McCue, Candice Crawford, Angie Peek. My biggest worry? "What do I wear?!?" "How do I do my makeup? for millions of viewers?" I had no idea if I would even make the final cut in the episode. If you scroll through the pictures you will find out!
You can see a few clips of the "Traveling Teacher" episode here.

the reception was in a converted airport hanger

I got 6seconds of fame! Thnx to a client for snapping this shot off her TV

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