Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mariah does My Fair Wedding show with David Tutera

I was so excited when asked to work with David Tutera and WeTV last year! It was unlike any wedding I had done before. I didn't know the bride, never spoke to her, I didn't even know the location of the wedding until that week! It was all thrown together in a bustling cloud of creativity and ingenuity. I had a great team of artists assisting me that day: Samantha McCue, Candice Crawford, Angie Peek. My biggest worry? "What do I wear?!?" "How do I do my makeup? for millions of viewers?" I had no idea if I would even make the final cut in the episode. If you scroll through the pictures you will find out!
You can see a few clips of the "Traveling Teacher" episode here.

the reception was in a converted airport hanger

I got 6seconds of fame! Thnx to a client for snapping this shot off her TV

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hats off to the planner for this wedding setup! I am completely in love with each and everything that has been shown here. I also want such warm colors on my wedding day but arranging everything is not easy for me on my own so would like to hire the planner so that can get help to find most suitable Chicago wedding venues and other vendors.

October 3, 2018 at 1:37 AM  

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