Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Copperpeace Bags : love them!

snapshot of the website
Over the summer I was lucky to meet Johnna, the founder of Copperpeace guitar straps and leather bags. I met with her & the model at her adorable and amazing home in Silverlake, CA. Here, I created a classic yet spunky & hip look to reflect the style and quality of the Copperpeace purses.
 if you check out the website you may see some familiar locations...The Satellite, LA Mill, 
Silverlake Blvd.

Johnna offered to let me keep a purse since I was drooling all over them. It was a hard choice to make since I loved the fun colors but also wanted something practical; a bag I could wear everyday but also wasn't in a color I already owned. Soooo, I chose the....Can you guess which one??

mineral airbrush makeup and vintage wing eye liner

girls just want to have fun!

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