Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My "real" job

OK, it's not a real 9-5, 7-8 days a week job, but it does require me to be there a few days a week, apply and sell makeup. It's about this time of year when the wedding season dies down for me that I pick up some side work. Luckily, I found a place at Sue Devitt Beauty located in Barney's N.Y. on Wilshire Blvd and Camden in Beverly Hills. I am new to the line but have already fell in love with the triple c-weed pressed powder, seen here.
Sue Devitt is most notably known for her eye intensifier pencils, a range of metallic to shimmery to opaque pencils used as eyeliner or shadow.
There is a whole lot more I could showcase, but I'd prefer you to come see it yourself! Right here is my Sue Devitt calendar; it's the dates that I'll be at Barney's or an Ulta Beauty. Come visit me and get the best makeup application by the BEST Makeup Artist! You will want to know about these products if you don't already. Please Subscribe to the calendar to get automatic updates on my hours and days so you don't miss me.


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