Thursday, June 26, 2008

The TRUTH on Sunblock by Jennifer Charm

Carabella Cosmetics & Skin Care

June is here but the "gloom" seems to have missed the boat. With record temps above 100 degress, I remind all of you to use sunblock even under your mineral makeup and to address those little places like the back of the neck, the ears and around the armpits.
Now I said sunBLOCK, not sunscreen, and there is a very good (& scary) reason for that. Sunscreens rely for their protection on man-made chemicals that screen out the UVB (think B for burn)but do NOT address the UVA (think A for aging). These chemicals are often mixed with zinc and titanium dioxide to achieve a "block" but the chemicals themselves have been proven to penetrate the skin and absorb into the liver. The sunblock sold at Carabella is ORGANIC and made with a special micronized (made into verrry leetle particles) zinc oxide 31%, the choice of Dermatologists & Plastic Surgeons. It is SPF 30 TOTAL BLOCK. It is a daily moisturizer and can be worn alone without your regular moisturizer which will make it last a lot longer. The sunblock is paraben free, petro-chemical free and rated "water resistant" by the FDA. It has NO perfume and is completely non-greasy making it suitable for all skin types. We have been selling a heavy 4 Fluid Oz tube for $40 and the price is going up next month so put your advance orders in now so that we can buy up a ton before the price hike.

For those of you who expressed an interest in the Summit Osmosis Systems (SOS) water filter, both for your homes and for the business opportunity (BIG $$ here folks) we will have a SPECIAL "Carabella Only" introduction to the product and demonstration given by one of the most successful private business entreprenours in LA who is VERY excited about SOS, and you will come away KNOWING why you DON'T want to drink bottled or tap water anymore. It will be next Sunday at 5:30 at the
SOS Headquarters
5352 Laurel Canyon Blvd
Suite 202
Valley Village Ca 91607
Call me to RSVP please ASAP.

20263 Kinzie Street Chatsworth CA 91311 818)998-3223


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