Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Cover Look: Ines Del Mar Destination Weddings

On a beautiful winter day I drove up the coast to Montesito, CA to meet a 7am call-time. Just the previous week I was contacted by Ines Del Mar Magazine and asked to participate in a bridal shoot for the mag's upcoming Issue 6. They wanted the best, so they hired famed photographer Elizabeth Messina to create and capture the romance of a bride-to-be. And what would such an ingenue wear? But Kristey Kelley Couture, of course. The location was the private home of a friend of Elizabeth's.
Makeup and hair styling commenced immediately after Starbucks consumption and a discussion of the type of ethereal beauty we were aiming for. The model's hair was curled with Conair velvet hot rollers, then I perfected the "imperfect" look by twisting the hair around a medium-sized Marcel curling iron. Although she had a beautiful head of hair, we wanted the extra touch: I added a set of long hair extensions (clip-on) to add more length and volume. The final step was brushing and combing through the curls to give a "slept in" look. It was held in place with my favorite hair product: hairspray.
I used a cream-based mineral makeup foundation from Salon Carabella to create a natural and flawless canvas.
I am sharing only a few pages of this issue because I urge you to go out and buy it. It is a beautifully organized and classy publication. I am proud to have chosen to be the makeup and hair stylist for this shoot. The best part? My first cover!!

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